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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Will Have Plenty of Sex, Plenty of Death

kit harington

I don’t watch Game of Thrones because I’m clearly behind the times, but I know a lot of people do, and now that Breaking Bad is finished, people need something to look forward to. That’s where talk of GOT‘s 4th season begin. One of the show’s stars, Kit Harington, has been offering some teasers in order to get people excited, and I think you’re gonna like what he has to say.

From Access Hollywood:

“[There will be ]more deaths this season than any other! I can’t tell you who dies,” he said. “You’d think they’d tone the deaths down, but they don’t.”

Adding, “They’ve realized that’s a successful option, so they’re just killing more people than they’ve ever killed.”

As for Jon Snow’s love life, Kit said, “Love? In ‘Game of Thrones’? Really? You think they’d be that nice?!”

There will be, however, “plenty of sex,” according to Kit. And the fiery relationship between him and Ygritte may not be doomed just yet.

“Me and Rose, who plays Ygritte, we’re as close to a love story as you get in the show,” he said. “You have to follow that up and see what happens this season.”

So there you have it. How many of you watch the show, and what are you hoping for in the next season? Homeland started again last Sunday, so I’m just about full to the brim of what TV I can commit to. Have you read the books? Are they any better? I have been meaning to get back into reading again.

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  • Does he realize that it’s not that they’ve realized it’s a successful option, but that it comes from Martin’s books? In other words, the deaths are already established as part of the plot. Poor Kit.

    • Well, I saw in an interview somewhere that George R. R. Martin allows some changes for the sake of surprising the readers specifically, because he likes to. It’s like a gift for the loyal readers to put something extra that they couldn’t figure out beforehand, even after reading all the books.For example: I won’t spoil anything, but if I’m right, there was a certain death that didn’t happen in the books like that or didn’t happen at all (I’m not finished with the books so I’m not sure if the character dies in the end, that’s the thing with this G. R. R. Martin)

    • Thats exactly what I was thinking when I read this. It’s not a winning show formula, its a winning book formula. George R.R. Martin has been quoted as saying he is trying to ruin the lives of his readers and that its working out very well for him.

  • And yes, the books are better. I like the show because it sort of shows you different scenes than in the book. It isn’t trying to BE the book, its a really good companion for the books because it sheds light on certain dynamics.

  • I’ve heard nothing but high prisae about the Icey, Firey series. From what I thought I understood, it was a book series first, then a role playing game, then a board game. I’ve heard very positive reviews about the board game as well. I don’t remember what I heard about the role playing game. Maybe I imagined it existed.The purpose of this post, as you’ve surely inferred by now, was to distract you while someone sneaks up behind you.