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Which Legendary Rockstar Is The New Face Of Louis Vuitton?

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Guess which legendary rockstar is the new face of Louis Vuitton? It’s…Kanye West!!




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The new face of Louis Vuitton is an actual rockstar. It’s Mr. David Freaking Bowie!!

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I don’t think they’re replacing current face Michelle Williams, I think they’re just adding Bowie to their lineup with a special video campaign. From Vogue:

DAVID BOWIE will star in Louis Vuitton’s forthcoming L’Invitation au Voyage campaign, alongside Arizona  Muse. The advert was shot in Venice this summer and is due to be released later this year,WWD reports. A spokesperson for the label declined to comment.

The picture is set to include a hot-air balloon, as in the first campaign, which was released in November and also starred Muse. In it, the model was seen being rushed round the Louvre in Paris with a letter, before being whisked off in an air balloon.

Sounds magical.

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