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Lady GaGa Still Finishing ‘ARTPOP’, Feeling “Like an Atelier”

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Here I’ve been thinking Lady GaGa‘s new album, ARTPOP, was going to leak any day and turns out… she hasn’t even finished it! That’s right, the mermaid appropriator is still working on her next piece of “art” and is feeling what all the world’s great designers must feel like when they create beautiful couture for runways in Paris and Milan. Of course she does.

Man, this woman loves herself. She really thinks she’s amazing. I mean, listen, I know it’s showbiz and giant egos are a dime a dozen, but some people are just so brazen about it – it’s shocking. But I’d better watch out – I could be accused of being the art police! Lord knows if you don’t like Lady GaGa, it’s because you don’t “get” high art. Pffffffft.

ARTPOP is actually due for release on November 11th. We all wait with bated breath, I’m sure.

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