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Oops, Justin Bieber’s Pants Fell Down

justin bieber

Justin Bieber might want to invest some of his millions in quality belts, because while performing at the Grand Prix Closing Concert on Monday, he had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as his pants continued to slip lower and lower and had to be held off until he could run off stage to fix them. Since Justin sees himself as a total ~thug~, he of course sags his pants to show that he’s ~down~ and ~super urban~, so it’s not like they fell from waist level, but seriously, come on.

I know we’re also not talking about the fact that he’s once again shirtless. What the hell is this kid’s problem? Does he turn into the Hulk at night and all his shirts have ripped clean off his body or what? Ugh, I wanna vomit. Anyhow, a fan who was at the concert in Singapore grabbed video of the incident and since I know you all will think about this when you go to bed tonight, here’s a video:

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