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Leah Remini: “The Church Is Looking For Me To Fail”

leah remini dancing with the stars

Leah Remini is killing it on Dancing with the Stars, in case you haven’t been watching. And if you haven’t, they should. They put Bill Nye in a Beethoven costume and made him dance a Latin dance to a Beethoven symphony. But anyway, this is about Ms. Remini. She poured her heart out on the show and revealed her true thoughts on The Church of Scientology. From L.A. Times:

I’m going through a personal big change for me and my family. I was always so scared to be myself. You’re used to everything that happens to us is our fault. You’re used to taking a lot of negativity on yourself. The church is looking for me to fail so they can say to their parishioners, ‘See what happens when you leave the church?’

I think she’s being smart by being so vocal about her fear, because now if something bad or weird happens to her, or if she were to “disappear” then “the church” is going to be suspect.

Once I spent a few hours at night alone in my apartment reading about Scientology and I was too creeped out to walk down the hall into my bedroom to go to sleep :(

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  • The church issued a reply that said they don’t care how she does. Cause that’s totally what you go out of your way to do when you truly don’t care. Sleep with one eye open, Leah!