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Lady GaGa Dubs Adam Levine “The Art Police” After Twitter Comments

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I don’t think anyone with common sense would argue that Lady GaGa represents a new era in music and is putting out shit that no one has ever thought of or done before. After all, Madonna did the same and did it better back in the ’80s – GaGa is just an extension of that at best and a poor imitation at worst. Anyhow, Adam Levine from Maroon 5 apparently felt the need to call that out on Twitter with the following messages:

So Lady GaGa saw that (or more likely one of her Little Monsters alerted her to it) and came on with a sarcastic comment back:

So then Adam Levine said the following:

Okay, y’all both need to stop. Adam Levine needs to chill. This dude’s head is so far up his own ass sometimes that I’m surprised he hasn’t died of asphyxiation, and GaGa needs to stop responding to every single detractor because if she doesn’t, she’ll soon not have time to promote her album because she’ll be spending 24 hours a day trying to keep up with the haters.

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  • Whilst Levine is a massive douche, I can’t help but be amused by this. I don’t mind a few gaga songs but got to love it wen people call her out on her shit.

  • Time to stand and deliver Gaga lose the idiotic costumes and see if anyone gives a shit about your singing career