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Jon Hamm Is Getting Surgery, Please Sign Our Get Well Soon Card


Jon Hamm was coughing up blood due to throat polyps. Thankfully he was well enough to show up at the Emmys in a huge beard and not win. But he’s still going to get his condition taken care of. A source is telling Huffington Post that Mr. Hamm has decided to undergo surgery to make him not cough up blood anymore. Capitol idea! From Huffpo:

A rep for the actor confirmed to The Huffington Post that Hamm would be having surgery, calling it a “routine outpatient procedure to remove a single polyp from his throat.” Previous reports suggested that Hamm was to remove two, not one, polyps (abnormal tissue) from the region.

For those wondering, Hamm doesn’t smoke (at least not anymore) and the cigarettes he and all the actors smoke on Mad Men are herbal. Actors, singers, and teachers are prone to throat polyps because of how often they talk and how they use their voice. It’s very unlikely that smoking has anything to do with this condition.

Please sign our get well soon card for Jon Hamm. You can sign it by leaving him a comment with your well-wishes. Or call him a dick, I’m sure he’s not reading this.

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  • Jon, You’re the sexiest, most handsome actor I’ve ever seen; Hope you make a speedy recovery!! My thoughts & prayers are with you; You should have won the Emmy every year you’ve been nominated! If ever in Pittsburgh, please call ph# 724-485-2097(no text) Take care, Scott