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LeAnn Rimes Cancels Concert, Has Coughing Spasms

leann rimes

It’s been a while since LeAnn Rimes has done anything “newsworthy” (other than that whole Martin Luther King Day fiasco), and I don’t know that this counts, necessarily. However, she was forced to cancel a show in Dublin, Ireland this week after coming down with some coughing spasm that sent her to the hospital.

She’s alright, apparently – her rep later told E! Online that she’s had a viral infection for two weeks and is recovering in her hotel room. She won’t be singing for  a little while, which I’m sure everyone is super sad about, right?

In all seriousness, I don’t wish the girl any harm and hope she recovers soon.

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  • Leann isn’t sick. Her fans were posting photos and tweets about the good time they had with her and Eddie at the bar on Wednesday night. She looks very drunk in the photos:

    Leann’s tweet on 9/11-“Hanging out w/ @TwitterDublin crew Playing Vicar Street tmrw night ”

    Belfast Telegraph: Copper Face Jacks manager Aidan McCormack tweeted a photo of the singer in the club on Wednesday night. “LeAnn rimes popped into Coppers tonite couldn’t get her up on the bar counter!” — a reference to her dancing on a bar counter in the 2000 film, ‘Coyote Ugly’.

  • More tweets from fans who partied with Leann and Eddie on Wednesday:

    Claudine-“Had the most amazing singsong with @leannrimes & @EddieCibrian. She’s the most incredible singer. What a fun night, thanks guys!! Cxx”

    The manager from that bar also tweeted that Leann was a lovely woman and that she was enjoying the Coopers experience, Leann looks drunk in the photo she looks like she can barely stand up. The manager deleted these tweets and photos of Leann from his twitter account, but someone was able to get a screencap before he did it.

    • @CHAZ

      The creepy 50 year old man who loves tampons is still posting? I can’t stay that I am surprised. Leann has a meltdown on twitter and then you come here and do the same. So how crazy are you going to go today? Will these meltdown of yours include name calling?

    • @pikki nikki

      That didn’t take long. Leann was having a meltdown on twitter, so I knew that you and CHAZ would be here today doing the same! Which name are you going to use next?