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Eminem’s New Single, ‘Berzerk’, Almost Has a Video


You may or may not have heard Eminem‘s new single, ‘Berzerk’ just yet (I’ll embed it below), but he’s been working on the video for the song – which will feature on The Marshall Mathers LP II – for a while now. Of course, what good is just releasing the thing when you can put out a “teaser” first? That’s where the image above comes in: Eminem stands in front of some speakers with Rick Rubin. Oooh, exciting!

I’ll be honest: I’m not a massive Eminem fan, but he does have a few songs that get me all emotional because they’re just so honest and painful (‘Mockingbird’ KILLS ME, every time), but in general he makes a lot of racket and isn’t really my favourite rapper. You can’t argue that he’s not incredibly talented, though, so I hope this album does well for him. He’s been through a lot of shit and come out the other side of it still fighting, so good for him.

Anyway, if a photo teaser wasn’t enough, here’s the video clip he premiered in ESPN the other day in the middle of a game. LOL, why? I dunno, let’s just go with it.

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