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Will Smith Might Do ‘Independence Day 2’

will smith independence day

Apparently, Will Smith was rumoured to be in talks to appear in an Independence Day sequel, then it was claimed he wasn’t going to be part of the project and now apparently he is again. Whew. According to Roland Emmerich, they’re currently “in discussions”, which is probably code for “trying to satisfy Will Smith’s insane salary demands and seeing if we have a bit role to give Jaden“.

I’m not an Independence Day fan – don’t think I’ve ever even watched the full movie. Still, I’m sure this would be great news for “fans” of the original (they exist, right?) and it could potentially make some serious box office money. They’d have to kick it up a few notches as technology has become a fair bit more advanced since 1996. (It made $800 million back then!) The sequel will apparently be out in “2015 or 2016”, with or without Will Smith.

What do you think? Is this something you would see? Has the ship sailed for Independence Day?

Here’s the interview with Roland Emmerich, courtesy of DS:

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