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Miley Cyrus Called a Paparazzo a “C*nt” And Is Proud Of Herself For It

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus can hardly be looked to as an example of desirable behaviour, by any means, but Miss “I’m So Fucked Up! Tee Hee!” has gone so far as to even brag about her bullshit on Twitter. It’s simple: a paparazzo was trying to take her picture, she didn’t like it, so she called him a “cunt”. Of course that was going to come out in the press anyway (well… maybe?), Miley took her chance to brag about it on Twitter, first:

LOL! OMG, she’s such a bad ass! *Insert stuck-out tongue here*

Yeah, okay. I don’t think anyone really cares enough to make “news” out of it, and also, no one really expects better of Miley Cyrus anymore after all the bullshit she’s been up to lately. Sure, the paparazzo probably WAS a bastard of extreme proportions, but uh… she’s not really any better, at this point.

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  • That picture is as funny as the Justin Bieber picture you all have reposted ten times. As a relatively young heterosexual male, it’s always funny to discover what definitely is NOT attractive to you. What makes it even better is that we just know Miley thinks this is one of the sexiest pictures ever.

    • Yes, that’s a 14 year-old kid’s idea of “sexy”. What is truly disconcerting is that some adults agreed enough to take a picture, publish and promote it.

  • Miley Cyrus is just a wannabe. She wants to fit in but can’t fit in anywhere. She doesn’t want to associate with Disney or Hannah Montana anymore. I get that. Go the way Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato is going…Miley is just an idiot, pure and simple!

  • “i dont think anyone cares enough to make news of it”… inside of an article from a celebrity news/gossip site.. ironic no?

  • I think there’s more to Miley Cyrus than meets the eye. I think she’s an icon, a symbol of an era. And I’m following her career with great interest.

      • Ehehe, that’s not it. My interest is purely academic, regarding the evolution of american society. What first drawed my attention to this site was all the the polemic about the Trayvon Martin case. And now I’m thinking that Trayvon “No Limit Nigga” Martin and Miley “We Can do What We Want” Cyrus are two emblematic faces of the same coin.

  • I actually think she is just as fucked up as Bynes – her constant desperation for any attention is tragic, and I think points to a lot of issues. I hope to god she is just a wannabe, silly little girl but I feel it’s more than that. But if I’m right, and she doesn’t get the help she needs, I can see a tragic outcome for her.

  • Everyone looks at the negative, but nobody evah seems 2 get the positive heah: sure she’s messed n’ all, but it’s ’bout time someone called a GUY a CUNT, the way they do in the UK. Helps diffuse the word somewhat as ta’ still being an insult, but not ta’ being a putdown JUST FOR WOMEN.

    ‘N let’s be trut’ful – at least she’s real ‘n’ not a Hollywood phony. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, and she knows exactly what she’s doin’…reactin’ to her break-up with Liam in public by cuttin’ off her heyah and bein’ a “bad girl” rebel. It’ll ride its cawse, maybe a yee-yah or so, and then pass, yo.

    –> LHY