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Racist Aaryn From ‘Big Brother’s Mom Is “Disappointed” In Her Daughter’s Behavior

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The Big Brother house has been full of racism, misogyny and homophobia to outstanding degrees this season, and the one houseguest who could probably be seen as the ringleader of this bullshit is definitely Aaryn Gries. A 22-year-old Texan model, Aaryn thought it was totally fine to refer to Andy, the gay housemate, as “that queer”, claim that you wouldn’t be able to see black houseguest Candice in the dark because of her colour and all other kinds of fuckery that’s not even worth repeating. She’s a horrendous human being, full stop, and while CBS may not have done anything, it’s glad to see there have been some real world consequences for her awfulness.

There has been a bit of justice, though – Aaryn was finally evicted from the house last Thursday (during Elissa’s HoH week, which was a sweet twist) and Julie Chen grilled her ass in the post-elimination interview, during which Aaryn smirked when being read back some of her terrible comments and then claimed that she “didn’t remember” saying most of them and she really loves everyone. Yeah, okay.

Now, Aaryn’s own mother, Elizabeth Owens, has spoken out about her daughter in what’s meant to be a statement of support and encouragement of understanding. From The Los Angeles Times:

“While I love and continue to support my daughter Aaryn, words cannot describe my disappointment in some of her comments made on ‘Big Brother,'” Owens wrote. “These inappropriate comments certainly do not represent the value system under which her father and I have raised her. Aaryn is a young 22-year-old college student that has spent 70 days living in a fish bowl and making mistakes for America to see.”

Sorry, but I don’t consider hate speech a “mistake” – she showed her true, nasty colours and got called out for it, and I hope she a) watches all the footage back and realises what a horrible human being she is and b) makes a change.

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  • I follow Big Brother pretty regularly and I personally think Aaryn is a bitch of epic proportions, however saying CBS did nothing is not really true…
    They aired all her comments, put disclaimers that they can’t stop what she says on the live feeds (which is true though I’m guessing they try to since the live feeds go out every 5 min to hide what the people are saying), the house guests have all mentioned that they were spoken to about the racism and Aaryn herself was told to cool it and then Julie chen did grill her during her eviction. At some point there isn’t much else they can do.

    I also think people are only focusing on her comments, while her demeanor should be looked at as a whole. the case of Flipping Candice (Black female) bed and getting in her face is not mentioned as much as the “can’t see a bitch in the dark”, so while her mom can say she is making some mistakes with her comments she is totally overlooking just how much of a bitch her daughter is in every way she interacts, not just her words.

  • CBS should have taken her, Spencer and Ginamarie off the show. Like they did when that one guy head butted the other guy