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Jon Stewart Is Back on ‘The Daily Show’

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John Oliver has become a fixture on The Daily Show over the past few years, so it’s no surprise that he was asked to helm Jon Stewart‘s spot at the news desk while Stewart was away in Jordan directing his first feature film this summer. I don’t mind John Oliver, but I love Jon Stewart and haven’t really watched the show without him.

If you’re like me, well, worry no more! Jon’s first episode back on The Daily Show happened last night, so things are back to normal. John Oliver did a great job holding down the fort, and Stewart’s welcome back was hilarious – a bit silly, but funny nonetheless. Because I’m secretly a 65-year-old woman who can’t make it past 10pm, I rarely watch the show as it airs, but the Internet makes anything possible, and I’ll definitely pick up on watching again this fall.

Who do you like better at the Daily Show desk, John Oliver or the original, Jon Stewart?

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  • LOVE them both — Jon Oliver really grew into his role this summer – making me love him even more than I had when he was ‘just’ a correspondent. And Jon Stewart — well — i’ve been in love with him for years.

    sigh. don’t make us choose!

  • John Oliver was great the past few weeks but Jon Stewart is one of the funniest people on this planet and his comeback today with the guest-appearance by Stephen Colbert was hilarious.