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Britney Spears Might Have A Song Called ‘Werk Bitch’

britney spears

I enjoy Britney Spears as a personality. She’s slightly slow in a charming way (don’t play, you know it’s true), can’t sing a note under the seven layers of autotune but still makes killer songs AND enjoys a good deal at Walmart. What’s not to love? Her music isn’t as good as it once was, of course – the days of ‘Boys’ and ‘Slave 4 U’ are long gone – but at least she’s still trying and somewhat managing to remain relevant well past the late ’90s teen pop boom.  Good for her.

Speaking of which, she’s been hard at work on a new album – her 8th, if you can believe it – and she’s been holding a countdown on her website to some “big announcement” to be made on September 17:

britney spears countdown

Everyone believes this is a countdown to the release of the name of the first single from the new album, but it looks like the cat’s out of the bag because it’s called… ‘Werk Bitch’. Here are some tweets courtesy of Breathe Heavy:

Well, that’s exciting!

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  • I was going into college when she came up. I’ll always love Britney, she’s a part of that time in my life, so I guess there’s always an element of nostalgia there. The stories and blinds, and the fact that I have eyes, make me sad. I think her world has to be monitored and maintained to be a safe place for her and I think she’s rather delicate, actually. For that reason, it makes me so sad when her dad and her handlers prop her up to make another album or pull the strings while she dances on tour to be a cash-cow for everyone. She must be so lonely for real relationships. I wish she’d live a normal obscure life somewhere in Louisiana and raise her boys and life off her money – she’s been through enough and it isn’t like she ever needs to work again.