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Mariah Carey Thinks Nick Cannon’s Music Is a Joke

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There’s only room for one diva in the Cannon-Carey house, apparently, as Nick Cannon has admitted that wife Mariah Carey thinks his music career is a “joke”. How awful is that? Nick is getting ready to release a new album called White People Party Music and apparently has a hit single called ‘Gigolo’ (uh…) and said in a new interview that Mariah doesn’t take his stuff seriously. I was about to feel pretty bad for him, but with a title like that, who could take it seriously?

From EnStars:

He told Enstarsat the InTouch Weekly Icons & Idols after-party for the VMAs that Carey is in the studio “getting her album finished” and he called it an “incredible” record. Cannon added that he and his wife do not give each other advice about their albums, but that Carey has strong feelings against his music.

“She thinks my music is a big joke,” he said, before adding with laughs, “but so do I so it doesn’t matter.”

He then explained the difference between their different sounds and in the process praised his wife’s talents.

“My music is silly, you know what I mean, she makes anthems that changes people’s lives,” he continued. “I make songs about shaking ya ass. My album is called White People Party Music so that’s how I would describe it. Fist-pumping-good-time-have-a-blast-type of music.”

I mean, I sort of get it – Mariah has more pull, but why does that mean that she can’t support his work, as well? I love me some Mariah and I agree that she’s “changed lives” (well…), but that doesn’t mean that “silly” music can’t have its place. Poor Nick is a whipping boy in that household, it seems, but he apparently likes it, so right on!

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  • He loves her despite her snobby-selfish diva nature.. he’s showing her how to become someone who accepts his love.. appreciates his loyalty and then she respects us as a couple Wooing her takes patience, time, and slowly but surely he’s gently taming that stubborn creature to form a family with him.. the spotlight is not always on her.., money can’t buy love thus recreating her into a nicer ‘I must consider living in reality’ person..

  • Jesus! You’re judging her from things he’s said, which in all actuality he probably said humorously, in passing. She’s never uttered anything close to this. He’s being modest and you’re taking that as her being a bitch!