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Christina Aguilera Is Pretty Grateful For Her Fans

christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been in a reflective mood, so she took to her website this week to thank her fans for all their support over the years. It’s a really sweet move (and genuine, unlike Perez Hilton‘s endeavour to get Bionic back at the top of the charts), and, well, I’ll just let her speak for herself.

I wanted to reach out to my fans out there that continuously support me and have my back relentlessly throughout the years.
I am so grateful and fortunate for your dedication. Your time & devotion. Your kindness and understanding. Your patience and compassion.
I continue to work, create and deliver my best to you.

I wanted to share with you a few thoughts that come to mind when I think of you all and the constant love I am blessed to receive from you over time.

I am so happy and at peace in life and I only want and wish you all to feel the same and live that way too!
Looking back, it’s amazing for me to be here now, today, feeling so proud and supported on my entire body of work displayed- both personally & professionally.

It has been a tremendous gift to have been able to share my work on such a large scale with all of you around the world, who have supported and appreciated my efforts through all I’ve worked tirelessly in accomplishing, for so many years now.
You’re strength encourages me to continue digging deep and searching within myself to openly offer my heart & soul to you.
As you have for me at all times and in every stage of my life and career.

I mean, this thing goes on (and on… and on…) so I can’t print the whole thing here, but go give it a read. I’m not sure what brought this on, but I guess it’s nice if you’re an Xtina fan.

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