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Kelly Clarkson Thinks Everyone at the VMAs Resembled “Pitchy Strippers”

kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson was probably too busy to attend the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn on Sunday night, but she did make time to catch it on TV, and she wasn’t too pleased with what she saw. Between Lady GaGa‘s coke-fuelled mess of a “performance” to Miley Cyrus‘s exercise in cultural appropriation and pedophilia roleplay, the whole thing didn’t go over too well with the ‘Mr. Know-It-All’ singer.

Of course, you can’t shit these days without having someone share it on Twitter, so that’s where Kelly headed to share her thoughts about the state of the event:

When pressed by a fan to be nice, she replied:

Alright, listen. Pitchy? Totally into it. The vocals were all the fuck over the place and it was not a nice sonic experience. Cultural appropriation? Miley’s got you covered. Poor taste? Sure. But calling someone a “stripper” is implying that there’s something wrong with strippers and y’all know I’m not into slut shaming, whatever your personal feelings on sex/sexuality/public expression if it may be. Tone it down, Clarkson.

Of course, it wasn’t long before one of Miley’s “Smilers” – or rather, grown ass men who work in “the industry” and clearly will take a view of tits and ass however they can get it – jumped in to defend her and call Kelly names because she’s a big fat fatty (eyeroll):

Everyone just cool it. It’s not that serious.

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  • A stripper is someone who takes their clothes off, usually in front of people, ask Gypsy Rose Lee. Oh, wait, you can’t, she’s dead. But a couple of woman performing at the VMA’s took their clothes off and sang off key a bit, so sounds like Kelly nailed it.

    • Agreed. Miley and Gaga both STRIPPED down to almost nothing and got paid for it, so…yeah. This isn’t a case of slut-shaming, it’s just Kelly pouring some Truth tea. DRINK IT UP!

  • That’s insulting to pitchy strippers everywhere. Let’s just keep it simple and use one simple word, like desperate or pathetic.

  • Desperate people have to reach out for extreme shock value to remain relevant. I think they both reached preaty dam far!