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Here’s The First Photo of North West You’ve All Been Waiting For!

north west

There she is in all her glory – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s daughter North. Isn’t she… really fucking adorable? Kanye revealed the pic on Kris Jenner‘s talkshow this morning and obviously the Internet has gone batshit insane over it. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to put this up, either. She’s cute! She looks like both of them, actually (but mostly Kim, I think). Aww, squishy baby.

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  • Cute. Hopefully she won’t have Krapye’s big jaw or she’ll be the black Rumor “Potato Head” Willis!

  • What is wrong with you people? Baby’s are not automatically cute. In fact, Blue Ivy and North West are testaments to that fact. They. Are. NOT. Cute
    North looks like she has the fucking mumps.

  • I know it’s not PC to gush over every baby as though each and every one is the cutest thing to grace the planet. This baby is average and she actually looks like a boy. Not her fault, she’s a baby and therefore totally innocent but the cold had truth is that not every baby is beautiful. Considering how not beautiful Kanye is, this one is nothing special.

    • She looks like a boy?? At 2 months old, all babies look the same — chubby cheeks, short hair, dozy eyes. You could dress a 2 month old boy in a dress and nobody would notice.

  • I wasnt waitin for that, sorry. Shes no special baby at all and shes not even pretty. The pic was photoshopped for those who have still eyes to see and a brain to judge. Definitely shes older than 2 months, but our intelligence is being massively insulted. Kim has never been preggers, she used a surrogate, end of story.

    • Did You see Kim when she was preggers? Would have been hard to fake them cankles and all the water weight. I believe that Beyonce had a surrogate

  • I called it, BUTT UGLY. What did you expect from monkey boy, and kim was NASTY before she looked plastic

  • Its sad to hear the comments of a baby… seriously people… you may have your hate words for her parents but come on… its a baby… have some perspective!

    North is a beautiful sweet child…e

  • Probably not even her just a pic of a random bi racial baby. Maybe one that came in a picture frame?