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Kanye West Is Being Sued Over That Scuffle With a Photographer

kanye west fight

People are always trying to make money in this world, so it’s not a surprise in any way, shape or form that the photographer who got into a scuffle with Kanye West at LAX last month is trying to sue. Daniel Ramos has filed a lawsuit against Yeezus with charges of assault, battery, negligence and interference with the exercise of civil rights and he wants to be paid bigtime for it. Also, he wants the case to have a jury trial. What’s with these yahoos?

Here’s Digital Spy‘s rundown:

“Without warning or provocation, Defendant West suddenly attacked, punching Plaintiff Ramos and attempting to wrestle the camera from Plaintiff Ramos’s hands,” the papers allege.

“Ramos held onto his camera and fell down onto his knees onto the paved sidewalk with enough force that he sustained injuries to his right hip, as well as accompanying pain and emotional distress.”

Ramos described West’s behavior as “willful, wanton and malicious” with “conscious disregard” of his rights and feelings, explaining that he has suffered loss of earnings, medical expenses and “great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering”.

Ramos is seeking unspecified damages and an order banning West from “touching, striking, annoying, contacting, molesting, attacking, threatening, or otherwise interfering with” him.

Uh, molesting? Somehow I don’t think you’ll need protection from that, bro. Hilariously, his lawyer is none other than Gloria Allred, who has become a total joke (she repped Tiger Woods‘ ex-girlfriend Rachel Uchitel, just to name one). Here’s his statement at the press conference he held surrounding the lawsuit (via E! Online) – seriously, what an asshole:

“I was just trying to do my job. I am speaking out today because I don’t want what happened to me to ever happen to anyone else.”

LOL. Never thought I’d be defending Kanye West, but what this guy is an idiot.

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  • I love how HE feels violated and says he wants Kan-gay to be barred from “annoying” him, when all of this happened because he was the original annoying one. Two assholes in a scuffle, but photog was the original asshole.. in this fight he was, at least, therefore his argument is invalid. What an idiot. So he’s the one shoving his f’n camera in Kan-gay’s face acting annoying on a CONSTANT basis, but then tries to turn it all around and claim he’s not the instigator eh? Hypocrite can’t take a little of his own medicine, it seems. Dude needs to man up and quit with the act. Instigated the fight, then can’t understand how this all happened and demands “protection” from a man whom he pushed and pushed until he snapped. It’s not like he filmed him at a concert or from a distance.. he was probably a foot away from him.

    • “Without warning or provocation” is a good one. I’m sure those photogs were totally minding their own business when he wildly attacked this innocent bystander. And whenever I’m in a hotel I see the “Do Not Disturb” door signs along with the Spanish version “No Moleste”, so I guess it means to not bother or annoy. Funny words coming from a man paid to do just that to people.

      • “Molest” in English also exists in the “annoying” or “disturbing” way, it’s only a more formal word, mostly used in legal contexts. But yeah, you’re right on “molestar” meaning “to disturb”.

  • Sorry that comment came out rather unclear. The first bit was for Jennifer, the last sentence was for Jawbreaker!