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We’re Going to Be Stuck with the Kardashians For A Long, Long Time

keeping up with the kardashians

There have been rumours floating around since Kim Kardashian gave birth to daughter North that she might be ready to hang up her reality TV hat and was planning to quit Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This was great news to all but the Kardashian family, because we all know that if Kim left the show, it would end up getting canceled. Sure, the rest of them are nice supporting characters, but is anyone watching for anything other that Kim’s baby-voiced scenes? I don’t think so.

Well, it looks like we all got excited too soon, because Momager Kris has set the record straight and insisted that Kim isn’t leaving the series, and in fact, production on season nine is going to be starting soon!

From Extra:

Jenner cleared up rumors that Kim is leaving the popular reality show. “Kim is definitely doing ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’” and said the rumors that Scott Disick was exiting are also false.

The matriarch also set the record straight about her relationship with Kim’s fiancée, Kanye West, who is set to appear on Jenner’s daytime TV show “Kris” on Friday. Jenner said, “We live together. He’s my roommate, and he is so clean. He is such a great member of my family.”

Kris did confirm that Kim and Kanye have no interest in selling photos of their baby girl, North. The grandma replied, “They just want to be nesting right now. They’re not thinking about business.” Kris does hint that pics of North may premiere on her show.

As for how new mom Kim is doing, Kris beamed, “She feels so good. She feels healthy, has energy, and she’s looking good. She’s eating right. It’s like she’s on maternity leave, just enjoying the baby.”

LOL, what? That’s a great description of Kanye. Of all the things in the world to say, Kris chooses to point out that he’s “so clean”. Well, I guess that’s a relief. I’m just really, really sorry this show is still on the air.