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It’s Time For Taylor Swift to Build a Bridge and Get Over It

taylor swift ed sheeran

It’s great that Taylor Swift has a sense of humour and all. She’s “goofy” and “quirky” and can laugh at herself and I like her, I do. However, she really, really needs to move on with her life and get over shit. Her good friend and totally not boyfriend Ed Sheeran (no really, he’s not) posted a photo on Instagram yesterday revealing Taylor’s culinary skills. She made him a jar of jam, but the label… girl, the label.

We get it. The Kanye thing was huge. He stole your big moment, it was a big-to do… but it was also four years ago now. He’s been vilified non-stop and you’ve had your moment since then about ten times over. It’s the joke that’s just not funny anymore, if it ever was.

taylor swift jam

I mean, am I wrong here? Am I missing out on some kind of hilarity? Please let me know.

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  • when did she ever even say anything about it before? she seems to have kept pretty quiet and classy over it. and kanye’s an asshole, so why can’t she have fun with it. seriously, could you imagine if that happened to you, on tv, in front of a million people, when you’re like 18 years old, or whatever she was at the time? you’re always giving all the wrong people a hard time.

  • I think it’s kinda cute. Not hilarious, but nothing to nag her over. Might not have been so funny if SHE was the one posting it. Give her a break.

  • What about all the times since it happened that kanye has reference it, and continued to put her down? This year alone he’s mentioned it 2-3 times and not in a joking way, and its been revealed he wasn’t sincere in his apology originally. Why does he get a pass when he is the one that began the whole incident and yet she can’t make even a self-deprecating joke about it? Your logic and sense of right is seriously wrong.

  • Yeah let the girl have a running joke. I still reference that stupid move of Kanyes, why shouldn’t she? Especially since it was written for a total not boyfriend, not like she brought it up in an interview. Quit hating.

  • she really didn’t bring it to the public…but i agree with jennifer she has to be a very dull person if thats the best joke she can come up with

  • It was funny then, and it’s funny now. This might be the first thing Taylor Swift has done that I liked.

  • Ok, no. Taylor Swift bores me to tears. She needs to let the whole Kanye thing go. Nobody cares about it anymore. Thinking that jam jar thing is funny is like thinking the first Hangover movie is still the most hilarious thing ever. It had its moment, but I think we all need to calm down now (and stop making Hangover sequels). And don’t even get me started on the whole Swift/Fey/Poehler feud.

    • Hmm, not quite sure you understand sexism, Joe. Maybe try to educate yourself a bit before you start throwing around f-bombs. Getting so heated about an event that took place years ago and that doesn’t directly involve you seems a little foolish, ok?

  • She needs t stop joking with friends? Who the fuck are u to tell her that? It was not her who posted it. So she enjoys a little silly joke every once in a while. Big fucking deal. When Kanye was ranting bout VMAs nonstop this year nobody told him to get over it. And he was doing it through much direct public platforms. Lets cut sexism, ok?

  • These two may have an “inside joke” about this moment who knows let her/them be Kanye is was and always will be an asshole if he never lives this down tooo f###in bad.

  • if kanye did that to me, i would talk about it for the rest of my life. it’s pretty significant! i love Taylor, she’s so silly & cute