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Sharon Stone Thinks Kim Kardashian Is a “Smart Cookie”

sharon stone

Sharon Stone should probably put down the crack pipe because it’s making her lose her damn mind. Apparently she thinks Kim Kardashian is a “smart cookie”, a title she’s earned by making millions upon millions of dollars by selling herself like a prostitute in every arena that will take her. I mean, uh, successfully releasing several product lines, being on reality TV, etc. (GOD, MAKE IT STOP!)

From Extra:

Stone revealed she’s impressed with Kim K’s success. “She’s not one of the greatest business people out there making gazillions of dollars because she’s not a smart cookie! I wish she’d give me an hour of business counseling, anytime.”

The day Sharon Stone gets business advice from Kim Kardashian is the day I… I don’t know, throw myself off a cliff. Not that Sharon Stone is anything fantastic, but come on! I don’t think willingness to plaster your face and body everywhere that will possibly accept you counts as a business model, I’m sorry.

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  • Sharon Stone just proved she needs all the help she can get. Maybe she is wishing she’d been born more recently so she could be a no-talent porn star like Paris Hilton or Kim Kartrashian so she could cash in on the brainlessness of America’s low-intelligence class.

  • At least Kim isn’t drunk or drugging. She is a hard working celebrity. Hate her or love her – she’s still raking in the money. That’s more than Octomom can say!

  • Yeah Kim is raking it in. . .as fast as she can spend it. . .because as others have pointed out, the key to her success is conspicuous consumption, which necessitates bringing in ever more cash. . .not sustainable over the long-haul, if the Kardashian star falls things are going to go south for them very quickly.

    • Designers give the Kardashians stuff hoping they’ll be photographed in it. Celebrities don’t always pay for what they get. The Kardashians have started so many businesses hawking all kinds of products. They’ll have money far into the future – like the Olsen twins do with their fashion empire and all the businesses of the past that they owned.

      • Wha?! The Olsen twins had and still have VERY successful businesses. They made a billion before they were 18. How close are the K’Trashian’s to a billion, not including baby daddy money? There’s absolutely no comparison. Truth is the show will end and it’s gonna end soon. PMK knows this so she’s trying to pimp the two younger girls, except no one cares. People are on to their games and lies. They destroy anything and anyone they are associated with. Now Jessica Simpson on the other hand, she’ll have money to support her baby daddy, her sister and her kids great-grandkids. She doesn’t have to do one more thing in life and she will stay balling.