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Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Pregnant, For the 9,000th Time

jennifer aniston

If Jennifer Aniston was pregnant every time a magazine speculated she is, she’d have roughly 9,000 kids by now. Seriously, people – lay off it. Lately Jen’s been sporting a “baby bump” (read: Big Mac belly after lunch) and the press has taken that as a sure sign that THIS TIME, by God, she’s going to spawn a child! It’s finally happening! it’s getting real! Except… totally not.

Jennifer was forced to clear up the “rumours” on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday:

“There’s nothing to announce. That’s just a couple of pounds.”

Yeah, I mean, damn. Let the girl breathe (and eat, apparently). She had to near on starve herself for We’re The Millers (and, well, for her entire life as an actress) and now that she’s chillin’ and is in a happy relationship (sure cause of weight gain), she’s put on like, what, 5 lbs? Give me a break.

Frankly, I think it’s unlikely Jennifer Aniston will ever have kids, and here’s a newsflash: THAT’S TOTALLY OKAY. Not all women are sitting there pining for a tiny squirming human to look after. Let’s all follow our own paths, etc.