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Justin Bieber’s Memaw to the Rescue!

justin bieber

Justin Bieber‘s grandmother has spoken out against all the haters who have seen her precious grandson for the sack of shit he truly is, insisting that he’s actually totally awesome and is just acting how all 19-year-olds act. You know, the drugs, stealing, spitting in people’s faces and making idle threats, adopting and disowning monkeys before getting a new one… your typical teenage shit. I hate to say this because I respect my elders, but shut up, Memaw. I don’t expect you to trash your grandson in the press, but I do expect you to not open your mouth when you know you’re talking utter rubbish.

In an interview with CTV Ottowa, Diane Dale said:

“It’s totally crazy. I feel sorry for Justin because paparazzi pick on him all the time.”

“Anybody else’s kids have done the same thing but nobody says anything. He’s just a 19-year-old boy.

“And before you criticize him, say, ‘What is my 19-year-old boy doing?'”

Yes, the paparazzi certainly pick on baby boy. I mean, just look how poor and innocent he is here! How could they attack such a gentle lamb?

bieber fight

I mean, what CHOICE did he have but to threaten to “fucking kill” his aggressor? FREE JUSTIN!!!!

Anyway, his grandma needs a big ole grip on reality because she’s talking utter shit. How are you really gonna say that people need to ask themselves what their 19-year-old is doing? Well, I don’t have a 19-year-old, but if they were up to half of what this asshole is, I’d be INCREDIBLY disappointed in them and tell them this directly. If they didn’t listen, I probably wouldn’t call the press and start claiming that the world has done him wrong and he’s just the victim of bullying – I’d keep my trap shut and keep cashing the checks.

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  • Im not a boy, but I know my guy friends and even my brother have gone through the “tough guy” stage where they try and act badass even though they arent. Thats what Justin Bieber is going through, thinking hes the shit and threatening everyone. His grandma is right take a look at all the 19 year old boys out there, a ton of them act just like Justin. He has no privacy and paparazzi in his face 24/7 he’s going to act out. Do i agree with it? no. Do i think he’s a twat? absolutely. However his grandma isn’t wrong. Though he should try and lay low and relax its clear he is not learning from his mistakes. but he is a teenager, an obnoxious annoying teenager.

  • If his parents share the same delusional, over-indulgent attitude it’s no wonder diaper-boy is such a douche. His grandmother should be giving the little twerp a spanking, not making excuses for his asshole behaviour.

    Sorry granny, but that is NOT how 19 year olds behave.

  • … I respect my elders but shut up memaw. That doesn’t sound like respect. If you were in my home and you told someone to shut up you’d get your ass kicked and if you told a grandmother to shut up you’d get your ass kick and you wouldn’t be back. We all know you hate JB and we are all getting fed up with his antics but you better learn what the word “respect” means.