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Farrah Abraham Makes Way Too Much Money

farrah abraham sequin bikini Sapphire Pool & Dayclub in Las Vegas

Farrah Abraham, Charlie Sheen’s arch nemesis and wanna-be porn star, makes a lot more money than you probably do so I’ll understand if you want to go ahead and pour yourself some bourbon and sit in a dark corner chain-smoking, because that’s kinda my reaction. TMZ got a hold of Abraham’s first royalty check for her James Deen “sex tape” with Vivid. After just 2 months she’s made a horrifying $119,576.39.

This is Farrah Abraham we’re talking about. She’s barely famous. If she’s making that much and continues at this rate, in less than a year she’ll have, after taxes, about 1 million. And this doesn’t include all of the other bullshit endorsements she does and may get in the future. This is video footage of her having sex.

I’m going to attribute most of it to James Deen, as he’s someone in porn people pay to see, but considering so few people actually pay for porn anymore, this is a lot of money for this almost no-name to make. I guess the twisted saving grace is that Playboy doesn’t want her, so her money train will stop at their door.


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  • What’s the big deal she’s yet another Kardashian celeb famous for no reason what so ever. AND when Playboy hears about this they may very well be ready to sign her.

  • Why, WHY, why won’t she pull UP her bathing suit bottoms? She always wears them too low. It’s just gross. She could wear something that flatters her body but obviously she has no class or knowledge on how to do that. Ugh.