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Well, That Explains A Lot: Vanessa Hudgens Wanted To Play A Prostitute Since She Was 12

vanessa hudgens

There’s no shade being thrown Vanessa Hudgens‘ way from my direction – homegirl is doing her and always has. She loves getting naked, dressing like a hippie and going to music festivals… and why shouldn’t she? Do you, girl. She’s a good looking girl with a nice body and is in control of her own sexuality (well, “in control” minus the whole “having naked pics hacked from her phone… repeatedly” thing) – what’s so threatening about that?

In any case, Vanessa recently revealed that she’s wanted to play a prostitute since she was about 12 – LOL! – and now she’s got her wish. In The Frozen Ground, she plays a pole-dancing prostitute who may or may not be the victim of a serial killer. Sweet! Here’s what she had to say about it, via Heat:

“I always wanted to play a really heavy role. I remember being like 12 I think and being like, ‘I want to play a prostitute and do drugs’.”

As for pole dancing…: “It’s nerve-wracking that’s for sure. My heart was beating out of my chest while we filmed it.

“She’s really just a young scared girl trying to get by. It’s nerve-wracking for sure. For this one scene the stage I was on was lower than where male film crew were situated. They were higher than me sitting on their stools, so it made it super awkward and intimate.”

So… was it nerve-wracking then, Vanessa? Heh. In any case, don’t worry that she’s gone completely off the deep end – she still loves Disney!

“I love Disney. I still watch Disney movies to this day. I still had such an amazing experience and I got to bring musicals to kids all over the world and it’s awesome, a really cool thing. It’s a legacy, I’m really proud of it.”

I would hope you’re proud of it – you wouldn’t have a career without it, girl. Anyway, what do you guys think of the trailer for The Frozen Ground? I think I’ll give it a miss.

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