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Charlie Sheen On Being A Grandpa: “My Bucket List Is A Thimble!”

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Crazy ole Charlie Sheen can now be known as Crazy ole Grandpa Charlie now that his 28 year-old daughter, Cassandra Estevez, gave birth to a baby girl (named Luna.) Sheen had Cassandra when he was 19, so you can only imagine the hell Martin Sheen gave him on that day. He probably gave him a very calm speech about how much he disappointed him and a calm speech from Martin Sheen about how much you disappointed him is a million times worse than an angry email from Charlie Sheen about how much you disappointed him.

Anyway, Charlie Sheen is not at all disappointed — he is thrilled! When asked for a comment he said,

I am a liquid form of energy right now. The dragon inside me is full of joy and the thing is, I can’t even — I can’t even control it. Or anything. There’s jubilation in all forms. I see stars — right now, I swear to God — in front of my face, and they’re dancing and they’re saying they want to hold my hand and I’m just laughing, I’m like, “F-CK YOU, STARS I’M A LIQUID DRAGON!” Wait…what was the question?

No, I’m kidding, that’s not what he said. He told TMZ,

It’s impossibly a most wondrous day. My bucket list is a thimble!

So I guess Charlie Sheen’s summer reading has been the Dr. Seuss anthology. Anyway, congrats to Cassandra Estevez, her husband, and their new baby.