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Lady GaGa Is Making Music Again

lady gaga

Lady GaGa has been pretty much out of the spotlight for the past few months as she underwent hip surgery, rode around in a gold wheelchair, maybe got plastic surgery (totally did) and fought frivolous lawsuits. But now she’s back and she actually has music to release! A new single! A new album! An app! Ahhhhhhh! (That can be a scream of joy, terror or disgust, depending on your personal tastes.)

From Facebook:


I mean, I’m not really all that excited about this. I liked the Fame Monster EP (and her actual first album), but the second one started to lose me a bit. I also think, you know, Madonna did it better. But that’s cool – different strokes for different folks.

What do you think? Excited about this or not so much?

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  • music-wise, not so much. plastic surgery-wise, OH yeah, now let us get a good look at that SHNOZZ, girl, wanna see your doc’s latest work of fart i mean art!

  • Not excited at all, I used to really like her but she tries too hard to be artsy and unique and just fails miserably, plus her music is just… meh? The Fame Monster was great and still stands as a good pop album but Born this Way wasn’t as great and feels dated.

      • Nothing to get excited about she is so annoying ! Hope she goes away ! She tries to act like she knows everything when she knows shit and just sounds like an asshole !