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LOL Okay: Britney’s Producer Says She Doesn’t Need Autotune

britney spears

Britney Spears, I love you, I really do, but it’s not for your singing. I love you for your songs, your silliness, your sheer Britneyness. While I don’t think people give you enough credit in the singing department (and oh God this autotuned mess didn’t help) I would never call you a singer over a performer or pop star, you know? Yeah, you get it.

Brit’s got a new album coming out and her producer, William Orbit, tweeted about it to fans. When one fan suggested a stripped down song on the album, Orbit agreed but maaaaaybe took it a little too far. He replied (via,

@britneyspears never needed that auto tune thing . . . just know how to make singers sing great

Uh, okay. For the curious, here’s what Britney sounds like completely a cappella. It’s her singing “happy birthday” to L.A. Reid on The X Factor. Skip to 11 seconds.

Again, not terrible, but not…noteworthy. (PUNNED IT.)