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Sharon Stone Basically Walked Around Topless

sharon stone see through shirt

Sharon Stone basically walked around topless in France, when she wore a shirt so threadbare she looked bare. Guess it was her…basic instinct. (YEEEAAAHH!!!). No but really, come on, Sharon. Sharon. You totally knew you shirt was this see-through. Her 13 year-old son looks thrilled to be walking with her. Although that could be because of the paprazzi.

She looks great (I don’t care what these photos show) — that’s totally not the issue here. She has lovely boobs, for a woman not just her age, but any age. Still, this seems just kind of ridiculous. Especially with those pants. That may be what I’m most offended by. Those pants.


sharon stone boobs

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  • Clients don’t grow on trees.. make tons of money while the sun shines.. Lilo is still in rehab..