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Ke$ha’s a Jewelry Designer Now


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I gotta get my hands on some of Ke$ha’s sweet bling“? No? Well, too bad, cos you’re gonna get it. America’s favourite permanently drunk pop star is designing her own jewelry collection and it’s coming out in August!

From People:

Ke$ha once made a headdress out of her fans’ teeth, so it should come as no surprise that teeth factor heavily into her debut jewelry collection, Kesha Rose by Charles Albert.

In fact, her “Cannibal” capsule is comprised of metal-cast human teeth for a look that’s definitely edgy. But if that’s not quite your taste (ba-dum-ching!), the star also has three other collections in the line: Kesha Rose, which features blue roses and arrowheads, the Out Alive collection which appears to reference Dia de los Muertos, with lots of skulls and black-and-red motifs, and the Wonderland collection, which features druzy stars, quartz crystals and other “magical” items.

The star has been giving lots of sneak peeks at the collection on her Instagram, showing off the line’s rings and linking to its official Instagram to give a preview glimpse into the ad campaign. She’s even worn the pieces (including charm bracelets laden with shark teeth and evil eye charms) on the red carpet.

Ready to take a bite (ok, sorry) out of Ke$ha’s collection? Bookmark to make sure you can scoop up all the pieces (ranging from $30 to $750) when they launch in August.

Oh man, I can’t. Want to take a look at this? Here’s a pic of a couple of the pieces. It’s not that I hate it, it’s that it looks like shit you’d get on the clearance rack at Claire’s Accesories or something. I sorta love the tooth ring, though.

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