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Oh Shit: Miley Cyrus Is Ready To Reveal All of Billy Ray’s Secrets

miley cyrus billy ray cyrus

Miley Cyrus has always had a bit of a weird relationship with dad Billy Ray, as was evidenced when he went around telling the press that it was Miley’s fame that was destroying his relationship with wife Tish. He and Tish are actually getting a divorce this time (after a few false alarms), and apparently Miley is giving her father an ultimatum on coming clean about SOME unknown bullshit. The twerker of the year took to Twitter (of course) to threaten Billy Ray about “telling the truth” or else she would. Of course, she deleted the tweet a few minutes after, later blaming it on Twitter “acting crazy”, but of course we got a screencap of that shit.

miley cyrus dylis croman twitter

If you’re wondering who the woman is with Miley, that’s Dylis Croman, a woman who co-starred with Billy in Chicago last year. I think we all know the big secret here: Billy Ray couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and had an affair. Tale as old as time, girl. Anyway, here’s Miley’s “excuse” for what happened after she deleted the above message:

LOL yeah, okay.

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  • Please, supposedly a year or two ago it was her mom who was having the affair. Who cares who Billy Ray Cyrus is sticking his dick in? He needs to tell his daughter that blackmail never works long-term in favor of the person doing the blackmailing. I doubt California law even cares anymore if someone was committing adultery when there is a divorce.

  • Ummm ,sorry Miley, but your mother had an affair with Bret Michael’s a few years back, causing Billy Ray to file for divorce and ending Michael’s relationship with the mother of his two children. Who is this chipmunk to threaten her father, especially on Twitter!

    She really thinks she is hot stuff lately, and my wish is that Liam Hemsworth would smarten up and end this relationship once and for all before he is stuck with this nasty little witch for life.