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Irony: Rich Mom From Gossip Girl Files For Bankruptcy In Real Life


kelly rutherford gossip girl still screen shot season 6

Gossip Girl, as we all know, was a show about the most hilariously rich jerks ever to live in Manhattan. Kelly Rutherford played a rich mom, the richest Jerry, the richest.

Anyway she had to file for bankruptcy.

From People:

The bankruptcy petition, according to legal documents obtained, shows that Rutherford, 44, spent almost $1.5 million on legal fees as the divorce/custody battle played out in court, adding that she also owes $350,000 in income taxes for 2012 and has an American Express bill of $25,251.

Rutherford and Giersch filed for divorce in 2009 after just two years of marriage. In 2012, the custody battle over the couple’s two children, Hermes, 6 and Helena, 4, intensified when it took an international turn.

Giersch, a wealthy German entrepreneur who resides in Monaco, was barred from returning to the U.S. because of a revoked visa. With a 50/50 custody split, both Rutherford and Giersch shared parenting duties but because of Giersch’s travel restrictions, the children are living with him.

Yikes. She’s not the only actress who’s getting screwed financially over a divorce.

Divorce can be crazy expensive.