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Amy Winehouse’s Brother Says Winehouse Died Of An Eating Disorder

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Amy Winehouse is one of my absolute favorites and we like her here at Evil Beet. She was living a destructive life but she seemed to be getting back into a healthy place, so when she died, I was honestly shocked. I thought she was getting better. They ruled that she died of alcoholism. With so much alcohol in her system, withdrawing the way she did was deadly. However, her brother is saying that what really killed her was bulimia. From DNAIndia:

Amy Winehouse’s older brother Alex has claimed that it was an eating disorder and not her addictions that killed the singer two years ago.

In his first full-length interview, the 33-year-old told the Observer Magazine that his sister’s long battle with bulimia “left her weaker, and more susceptible,” the Guardian reported.

He said that she would have died eventually, the way she was going, but what really killed her was the bulimia.

[…] He revealed that Amy had developed bulimia in her late teens and had never shaken off the illness.

I see his point.

Excuse me though, Observer, or wherever this come from, but “never shaken off the illness”? Shaken off? Come on now. It’s not something you can shake off.

I miss Amy.

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  • The illuminati killed her just like they did Michael so she could make them more money. You’re worth more dead than alive.

  • I miss her amazing spirit and talent. It’s unfortunate that her own psyche drove her to bulimia, alcoholism and drug addiction. :( Maybe she was pushed and manipulated by her handlers. Life isn’t easy for the “stars”. I wouldn’t trade places with them for anything!

  • This is obvious. She had been very, very frail in her last years. Her own low self-esteem did it long before the press got ahold of her, and she became too high profile for her level of instability.

  • Yeah, I miss her too.

    Sure she was fun to watch when she stumbled around, spouting slurred love lyrics for Blaaaaake or whoever. But she was troubled, she drank and smoked, she swore, and sung more beautifully than almost all others. She actually had talent, an incredible voice. What a waste…sayang <3