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Kristen Bell Lost Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Like A Normal Person

kristen bell

Oh sweet, sloth-loving, cute-as-a-button little Kristen Bell. Ain’t she the sweetest? (That sounds like I’m being an asshole but I’m really not, for once!) Earlier this year, Kristen and husband Dax Shepard had a baby girl called Lincoln. Both mom and baby were happy and healthy, but that’s not what we care about. No, we want to know how she lost the baby weight. After all, that is the most important question in the world, and the most important thing a woman can do after growing a human being and then pushing it out of her vagina (or having a C-section, not hating!). WHAT ABOUT THE BABY WEIGHT, the world cries. Well, just act like a normal fucking person and eat well and work out, obviously.

From USA Today:

“I got off my butt and got to the gym,” says Bell.

Of course it didn’t hurt that she had the inspiration of hosting the CMT Music Awards this month. It was a handy prompt during low energy moments.

“I really have no secret, I started working out when the doctor told me that I could and I kind of put the pedal to the metal,” says Bell, who voices the heroine Anna in Disney’s Frozen out in November. “I’m not doing anything unhealthy and I never would. But I’m trying to eat clean and keep everything on track as best as possible.”

Bell ate clean, which meant a lot of salads, fruit and vegetables, and she cut back on her desserts.

You know, just a note to the journalists in the world when you sit down to interview anyone – a public figure or anyone else. It’s so cliché and stupid to ask a woman about her body, whether she just had a baby or she just happens to be super in shape (or, on the opposite side of the spectrum). What’s your secret? Well, it’s the world’s secret: you burn more calories than you put in your body, creating a deficit that leads to weight loss. It’s not rocket science. Christ.

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  • Dax is her fiancé not husband. They are waiting for gay marriage to be legalised out of respect for their gay friends, before they get married. Which I really bloody respect btw

  • I’m guessing she put the pedal to the metal because the Veronica Mars movie starts filming this week – I have to believe it’s that passion project and not an award show…

    The Kickstarter campaign, and little promo video, were filmed before she was pregnant and I think they had a very small window where they could actually film and she was going to make it work bc she absolutely rules!