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Paul McCartney Wants You To Pass The Dutchie His Way

paul mccartney

I’m going to say something that my colleague Catherine St. Ives won’t like very much but that everyone is thinking: Paul McCartney needs to sit the hell down and retire already. Like, I know the Beatles are legendary and you’re an incredible songwriter, etc, but the glory days are over, bro. Let them go. The message isn’t getting through, though, and he’s been doing quite a few shows. One of those is Bonnaroo, where he stopped midway through his set on Friday night when he smelled some serious bud going ’round the crowd and he wanted in.

From Billboard:

“That’s some pretty good weed I can smell up here,” Paul McCartney said halfway through his packed headlining set at Bonnaroo on Friday night (June 14). “Whew! What are you doing to me?”

While the fans took hits, McCartney sang them throughout his nearly three-hour set that included three encores. The set kicked off with The Beatles’ “Eight Days A Week,” dipped into more obscure territory with the 1974 single “Junior’s Farm” then went straight for a Beatles/Wings one-two punch of “All My Loving” and “Listen To What The Man Said.” Two more hours of fan favorites (“Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “We Can Work It Out”), tributes (“Foxy Lady” for Hendrix, “Here Today” for Lennon, “Something” for Harrison) and classics (“Let It Be,” “Hey Jude” and, as an encore, “Yesterday”) were among the highlights.

LOL @ Paul McCartney being desperate to toke – he loves partying, as we all know.

Bonnaroo is kind of all of my worst nightmares wrapped into one. Port-a-potties? Check. Large groups of people? Check. Annoying druggies? Yup, check. The list goes on and on… Ah well, at least they’re all having fun with it.

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  • He can retire as long as he takes those decrepit Rolling Stones with him. When you have to duet with Taylor Swift, it’s time for retirement. That’s saying the glory days are way over.

  • What just because he’s old he has to retire? The guys loves to play music! “Let him be!”

  • When I heard him at the Queen’s jubilee last year, I agreed. For whatever reason-age IS the most likely-his voice is gone.