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Newsflash: Jennifer Lopez Is A Total Diva and Her Team Acts Accordingly

jennifer lopez

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that Jennifer Lopez has a serious case of diva fever (shouts to THE Diva Fever) and hires a ton of people who will treat her like she shits gold. Hey, why not? Live your best life, etc. J.Lo is fierce and she’s doing her thing, so unless she starts having her assistant publicly flogged in the middle of Times Square or something, I’m into it.

Anyway, all of this apparently came as a surprise to Chrissy Teigen, who really seems to be trying her damndest to get into the public spotlight by engaging in any kind of celebrity commentary possible. First Amanda Bynes, now J.Lo in the span of a week? Girl, you need to sit down.

After heading to the Chime For Change concert in London over the weekend with her fiancé John Legend (I can’t even begin to address this one), Chrissy went on a rant about how unjustly she was treated by J.Lo’s team and all this bullshit that just screams NO ONE CARES. Of course, she got called out for her bullshit and has since deleted the tweets, but here’s what she originally said:

“I won’t get into it but Jennifer Lopez’ people need to calm the f*ck down.

“I love Jennifer Lopez. But as I am sitting and watching John perform, I don’t need her people to lay down the j-lo laws.

“She shall still be my face and hair idol. Her people can kick rocks.

“I have never once been asked to leave an area for an artist’s supreme arrival. Maybe I should carry around a horn and streamers.”

Well you obviously haven’t been around many big artists, have you? I don’t think that’s all that rare. Not that it’s RIGHT, but it’s certainly not unique. Also, I love that this is clearly a slam on Jennifer herself, but Chrissy is too scared to to head to head with her and instead blames it on her team. Does this girl realise that J.Lo’s team operates on rules established by J.Lo herself? I mean, come on.


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  • No one should be defending Jennifer Lopez, an egomaniac who hasn’t made anything worth paying for since Selena.
    She has actually refused to stay in hotels if the entire room was not entirely white or did not include her requested assortment of candles and flowers. She disappointed 60 million Indian fans when her demands weren’t met.
    She is incredibly self-centered and has been doing the same b.s. for over a decade, even when she was in town to record a single for an AIDS charity.

  • I have personally seen and heard so many AWFUL and horrible things about Jennifer that I absolutely cannot stand her. I think she’s an ASSHOLE.. She makes her so -called entourage act like that because she thinks she all that..She’s a truly untalented singer, she can barely act and her perfume smells like crap.. That lousy glow crap.. Gross..won’t go down in history as smelling worth a shit.. Her clothing line looks like cheap hooker wear and so does her stupid personality. I had a friend who actually was a cocktail waitress at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and she asked that bitch if she would like a drink and she and her short..she’s only about 5’4″ tall..really kind of short and she’s not much to look at in person… point being, she’s rude, she never tips, cheap as hell for being worth $400 mill.. What I despise more than anything is one cheap rich utterly revolting.. I have heard nothing but horrible things about her and I’ve heard them from so many people and the same thing- absolute shitty attitude like she’s supposed to be something special..She’s nobody..She was a damn fly girl for pete’s sake..That’s a joke in itself.. She’s a joke..wears a ton of wigs and a ton of makeup.. She has thin hair and she has an okay figure.. I do not know what Leah Remini sees in this witch…She’s a self absorbed bitch.. I personally stopped watching American Idol and happy it was canceled because it lost ratings and she sucked as a judge in the show.. I hated it when she joined..GAG.. I think she’s a horrid wanna be singer.. all autotune and show..without that she has NO VOICE WHATSOEVER. She’s a semi okay actress.. she’ll NEVER win or be voted for any kind of award except for a Raspberry..she sucks..I hate her clothes. I hate her hair, all fake.. I hate her everything..No man can stay with her long enough because she’s one huge pain in the damn ass.. I wouldn’t spend a cent on anything of hers..She’s a fraud…