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Ahhhh! Sophia Grace Has a New Video!

Yes, I’m losing my shit over a 10-year-old kid. Also, how in the hell has Sophia Grace 10 now? Wasn’t she just like, 6 the other day? Time really flies. Anyway, Sophia’s parents are pretty smart to be cashing in on her cuteness while it lasts, because Lord knows singing ‘Super Bass’ in a tutu at 16 will not be a good look. For now, though, let’s enjoy her debut single (!!), ‘Girls Just Gotta Have Fun’.

At least Rosie’s in the video, too, and she seems to talk more a bit these days. I really want to see where these two are in 10 years.

Fun fact: The director of this video, Matt Alonzo, has worked on music videos for Soulja Boy, Pitbull and the Far East Movement. Score!

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