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LeAnn Rimes Was “Disgusted” With Herself After Her Affair – But Not Enough to Stop

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LeAnn Rimes recently insisted that she was done apologising for having an affair with Eddie Cibrian a few years back, but instead of letting sleeping dogs lie and trying to move on with her life, she’s pretty much written an entire album of songs about Brandi Glanville and is talking about it in interviews again. God help us all.

Little LeAnn told US Weekly that she was so distraught over the whole affair that she felt “disgusted” with herself about it – though of course, she didn’t feel bad enough to f-cking stop, so talk to the hand.

“I think I opened up the can of worms for myself by writing this record,” she tells Us. “There were a lot of things I didn’t even realize I was feeling…I needed to go somewhere and really process all of that stuff.”

“That stuff,” of course, includes the fallout from her affair with now-husband Cibrian. After Us Weekly broke the news of the Northern Lights costars’ tryst, Rimes hit bottom.

“I was feeling all these crazy emotions and feeling terrible about myself and was disgusted by myself and thought I was pathetic,” she says. (In fact, she uses some of those very words in songs on her new album. “Borrowed,” for example, looks into the darker moments of falling in love with a married man and includes lyrics like, “I don’t want to give you back.”)

Oh, brother. Just shut up already.

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  • Shut up is right.

    If she wants to stop getting so much flak for the affair, she’s got to stop throwing it in everyone’s faces. I honestly couldn’t care less about it, and would have forgotten about it long ago if I wasn’t hearing about it nonstop via her interviews, tweets, lyrics, whatever-else-there-is.

  • Listen, you don’t know country/western fans. They NEVER forgive when it comes to 2 things: Cheatin’ (especially women) and perceived insults to the ole’ red, white & blue. LeAnn knows she has to keep beating herself over and over again FOREVER if she wants to sell anything to her core market. If the hicks thinks she’s “suffering”, they’ll grudgingly buy her music.

  • She used this same script when she released her two singles in Dec 2012. Look what happened to those singles. This album is having more problems than Leann is willing to admit and that the majority of the sales for this album is going to come from Leann herself just like how she buys twitter followers.

  • I’m honestly TIRED OF HEARING about the
    affair that took place between LeAnn & Eddie!
    Ugh, it’s old NEWS. I used to love her & her
    music (her old music, I don’t like the new stuff!)