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A Pretty Crappy Blind Item

blind item

This was too stupid not to share. Here’s a blind item directly from our own source. It is the stupidest blind item ever.

Which mega performer has to have major poop privacy? After playing a huge venue, she made an unscheduled stop into the media room, with 2 handlers. The room was still filled with writers and bloggers when one handler asked the other if he “had to go that bad”. He shook his head and gestured it was the pop princess who needed to use the restroom. They then made it clear that everyone needed to clear out NOW and not come back, as this wasn’t going to be a quick bathroom stop. There were many other bathrooms nearby but this one was the furthest away from any prying ears…or noses, which I guess made it the only one in the world for this girl. I know we all want privacy and don’t want to be disturbed while in the bathroom, but to kick everyone out when there are plenty of other options? Seems kinda rude.

Yes, I am an 8 year-old and I have very high standards.

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