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Michael Douglas On Kissing Matt Damon: “I Forgot It Was Two Guys”

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Michael Douglas looks like he is going to be the best damn Liberace ever in HBO’s upcoming film, Behind the Candelabra. Matt Damnon plays his lover in the film, so naturally there’s a lot of kissing. Someone asked dear Mr. Douglas what that was like. Here’s what he said, via Showbiz Spy:

I forgot it was Matt and me after about 10 minutes and then I forgot it was two guys. Both of us are in long-standing marriages, so that makes it easier. It’s like love scenes with a girl. If you’re an actor, you gotta do it. We read the script; we knew what we had to do. The challenge was making it as real as possible. But I would tease Matt about which flavor lip gloss he’d like for me to use!

OH, YOU! I am so excited for this film. I hope my goddamn HBOGo starts working again. F-ck HBO.

Just look at Rob Lowe. Incredible. Such commitment.

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