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Good Advice of the Day: Will Smith Tells Jaden Not To Have A Girlfriend

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Jaden Smith is at that age when he’s ready to lay it on a Kardashian, but his dad Will Smith is trying to get him to hit the breaks on his teen romance because having a girlfriend can be the pits. Will should know – he married Jada and now they’re stuck together by the sheer force of their own denial at what a sham their relationship is. Break free from the chains, young Jaden! Emancipate yourself before it’s too late!

From E Online:

“Probably the best advice he’s ever given me is, ‘Don’t have a girlfriend,'” Jaden revealed. “The stress is real.”

A laughing Will clarified that his advice against being in a relationship is “for now.”

“At this point, I just want him to establish his dreams, establish his desires,” the actor said. “Find out who he is. And blending with another person is very difficult, and a lot of times you can lose yourself in that process. So my encouragement to him is to be honest with anybody that he interacts with. Don’t make commitments that a 14-year-old can’t live up to.”

I have to agree with Will on this one. Jaden’s 14 – why in the hell does he need a girlfriend? I know times have changed since I was 14 and he’s also in Hollywood, which is a whole other kettle of fish, but seriously, I was still playing with dolls at 14, I think. Just doing their hair and outfits, of course. WHATEVER, don’t judge me!!

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  • I agree with him, if Jaden just give one foolish commitment to that Kardashian girl and her mother will have 24/7 cameras in his face forever.

    Will, one name Charlize Theron, we know.

  • okay see when your around 13-about15 dating isnt dating. its like kiddy love. im in that age group, so i should know. your dating but you dont makeout or go on major dates, unless your fast. which jaden might be, i think will made a good descion by giving jaden advice. i think that because of publicity and drama, thats an outburst waiting to happen. if they break up and he LOVED her than he could have an emotional break down. dating is alot of stress because the other person may want something different, and being jaden in his predicament and his endless career. dating is not the greatest answer, especially scince hes busy. kylie on the other hand, i dont watch the kardashians. i only focus on kim, i dont know what she does she may not be as busy. so you have to combine the elements and scheduals or itll be like stary room all over again, but ending with kylie. so will did have good advice on jadens careers sake, but jadens hormones may not agree with will’s statement. i think they should wait. its really retarted to date at a young age, just to get your heart torn to pieces when you are in your prime and most vaunerable state in life. so kuddos to will and god luck to jadens career.

    my name is kyla :)