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Beyoncé Got Parenting Tips From Céline Dion

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Hey, ladies with accented letters in their name have to stick together, eh? (That’s a Canadian tip of that hat for you, Céline!) Apparently Beyoncé got advice on how to interact with Blue Ivy from none other than the Quebecoise queen who was the reason I started teaching myself French when I was 12 and whose albums (up until Let’s Talk About Love, that is – I’m a purist) I still have in my iTunes WITHOUT SHAME.

Appearing on ITV’s Daybreak – which I used to watch every morning while writing these very stories for you all when I was back home in the UK –  Bey opened up again about motherhood, yada yada (via Digital Spy):

“I have a mommy voice. I keep my Beyoncé voice for the stage and I have my simple mommy voice,” she told ITV’s Daybreak. “I remember hearing a story about Celine Dion and she was like, ‘When I sing my… son cried’. And that’s so interesting.

“She has the most beautiful voice in the world and she’s like, ‘He hates it’. So I say, well, maybe I’ll just give a little simple nursery rhyme voice to my daughter.”

Beyoncé also admitted that she often feels under “a lot of pressure” in her career, but enjoys being a public figure that women can look up to.

“I can handle it, at least most of the time,” she said. “There’s a lot of people look up to me and I do respect that. Especially women. I feel we need each other so much and we need to know how powerful we are. So that’s really my message. Take care of your business, have your dreams, have your goals and know that it is possible, be the leader, be the president.”

Man, Beyoncé really loves encouraging women towards the presidency, doesn’t she? Which, you know, fair enough. Clinton 2016, etc.  I respect Beyoncé cos she does her thing, but looking up to her is a stretch. I did, however, look up to Céline Dion as a pre-teen with aspirations of stardom. I mean, how could you not?

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  • It is always good to see that celebrities get advice like everyone else. I have some advice for her as well, read to your kids. I’m an children’s book author and I say read to your kids is one of the most important things you can do. I would recommend The Adventures of Kid Humpty Dumpty available on amazon and for kindle it is great for famous and non famous alike