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LOL of the Day: Bradley Cooper Is Promoting Ice Cream Now

Listen, there’s nothing funny about ice cream, guys. Ice cream is extremely serious business. What is funny, however, is the fact that Bradley Cooper is promoting ice cream – Häagen-Dazs in particular. He’s already filmed an ad for the company (seen above) and might even do a few more.

I guess if you’re going to go down the route of becoming the face of a snack food, Häagen-Dazs is a pretty good direction to go in. Their Vanilla Bean is out of this world, I have to admit. It’s also about 90,000 calories and 650 grams of fat (because yes, I have to eat the whole pint in one sitting) and really preys upon my lactose sensitivity, so I’m not sure I can support this.

Häagen-Dazs president David Clark said:

“Bradley Cooper is the first celebrity to appear in a Häagen-Dazs campaign and is a perfect match for the brand, epitomising class and style.”

Well, okay. I’m just not sure what’s going on with Bradley lately. He’s living with his mom, dating 20-year-olds and now promoting ice cream?