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Saturday Special: Kim & Kanye – Have Two People Ever Been More In Love?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going to bring a child into this world in a few months, and after watching the above video, I’m more convinced than ever that the baby’s parents are 100% totally in love and happy together. Kanye’s definitely not regretting ever having fulfilled his masturbatory fantasy of f-cking Kim K and Kim most definitely isn’t thinking that this whole thing might have been much better if she’d just stayed with her oafy ex-husband. Look at how happy they are! Look at the affection and tenderness between them, the contented smiles on their faces! Oh, wait…

This clip is gold. He doesn’t even open the door for her! Now, I can see the comments coming already: not all couples like PDA, chivalry is an outdated notion, blah blah blah. But dudes – she’s massively pregnant and they both look miserable.

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  • The only person Kanye has ever been in love with is himself. The only person Kim has ever been in love with is herself.

    He’s also clearly gay. This whole thing was a business arrangement for both of them. Kim gets publicity and a deal with weight watchers, Kanye can temporarily put the gay rumors to rest.

  • I still don’t get the attraction to watching and taking pictures of boring ass rich people shop all day. She loves Kanye as much as she loves that basketball player ex-husband and the same goes for Kanye about her.

  • If this relationship goes the distance, I’ll eat my hat. There were three times where he could have opened a door for her – this is the time when couples should be madly in love and the one time I’ll concede she ought to be catered to by her man.
    I ask again… What’s in that cheap backpack?

  • I don’t generally feel sorry for multi-millionaires who drive Bentleys but Kim DOES look miserable while Kanye looks like he is oh so over it. Jesus Kim has lousy taste in men. Every woman deserves a partner that cherishes her or at least LIKES her! For a woman who clearly is all about herself and her “brand” she must have lousy self-esteem. There are pregnant women in my town of modest means who live in apartments down by the river who would raise holy hell if their hubby or baby daddy (I hate that term but whatever) stood in front of a door WAITING FOR HER TO OPEN IT. Kim must have the spine of a jelly fish….and just lets everybody walk all over her. Money can’t buy happiness. She is living proof. But screw the parents….let’s all say a prayer for that baby!

  • My Hubby never ever ever let me open a single door when I was pregnant. I beged him to let me just open the door myself but it was always his pleasure to do that for me and he also held my bag. My hubby was 1000 percent involved in OUR pregnancy. I kinda feel sorry for her. I guess you can’t have everything.

    • Also, my hubby is black…so idk how kanye’s mom raised him but I thought she would have done a better job since she was a teacher.

  • She does have awful taste in men. Kris Humphries was an immature little idiot and Kanye isn’t much better. Neither one knows when to shut up! Maybe it runs in the family. Look at Scott Disick. He’s not even nice to Kourtney.

  • Hm, he usually looks grumpy though. What’s odd is that she isn’t playing up to the cameras like she usually does on her own so maybe there’s some truth in the rumour he doesn’t like the circus surrounding her.

    Weirdest thing is his body language – I’d have thought most guys would be more protective of the woman they supposedly love who is carrying their baby. If I was him, I’d be right in between her and the paps, keeping them away.

  • I love YouTube
    this video will be around FOREVER, just like the the porn Kim Kardasian released so her children / grandchildren can see for themselves what a joke these 2 narcissist are!

  • I love YouTube
    this video will be around FOREVER, just like the the dirtymovie Kim Kardasian released so her children / grandchildren can see for themselves what a joke these 2 narcissist are!

    • apparently I can’t use the word that starts with p and rhymes with born on this website