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‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Sophie Turner Quits School Because She Doesn’t Like Authority

sophie turner

Looks like Sansa Stark is getting too big for her britches despite being a glorified prisoner in House Lannister. That’s me talking about Game of Thrones like I’ve watched more than one episode and didn’t just fast-forward that episode to the part where Daenerys Targaryen was getting schooled on the ways of love by one of her ladies-in-waiting, by the way. In any case, actress Sophie Turner has quit school because yucky teachers tell you what to do there and hey, she’s just a teenager and should be having fun 24/7!!!

From Interview:

“I found it really difficult when teachers talked down to me.

“I thought to myself, ‘Shouldn’t we be having an interesting conversation here?'”

The actress added she has no regrets over leaving school, saying: “I will be able to look back on my teen years as spent on a television set just having the biggest bunch of fun.

“At the moment, I can still treat acting as my favorite hobby since I don’t have a mortgage to pay.”

Ugh, teenagers. They always think they know everything! Oh no, can’t tell me my life won’t always be fun and games with zero responsibility or expectation to act like a mature, intelligent, disciplined adult! For f-ck’s sake. Listen, we all know school sucks. I wanted to quit every day from the time I entered high school until the day I got my diploma. The point is, I didn’t. I realised – as did the people around me – that hey, it might not seem like a big deal to drop out of school to me now at 16, but I’m sure as hell gonna feel like a loser when I’m 25.

Sure, the stakes are different when you’re an actress in the public spotlight, but she’s no worldwide star with any career certainty after this, so homegirl needs to think ahead. Also, I know the final two years after GCSE levels (that’s the equivalent of sophomore year in the US) isn’t mandatory, but it should be. It bloody well should be! ::Marches off indignantly::

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  • As far as I know, she’s just swapped going to school for having a private tutor instead, so maybe she won’t end up working down the supermarket after all

  • she just tweeted that it’s was not about teachers, she missed 5 months of school because she was shooting game of thrones and her another movie

  • Jesus christ, this is like the third preachy, whiney post I’ve read in a row on this website. I’m done here.

  • Sophie Turner is studying A levels in psychology, history, English literature and language with a private tutor

    She still keeps in touch with her school friends, and has expressed her particular gratitude to the drama teacher that encouraged her to audition for Game of Thrones.

    She intends to go to uni to study psychology or history.

    Sophie Turner doesn’t need to adjust her attitude, you need to check your facts.

  • I quit school at 16. I too couldnt take any more obedience training. I went on to have a great career during a struggling period for wealth in America. Meanwhile, my friends that stayed in school, and then went to college, are now so deeply in debt that they will never pull away from it’s slavery inducing hold upon them.
    I just paid off my wife’s student loans because the interest was ridiculous.

    I started with nothing, never bowed down to anyone, and I just purchased my 2nd house here in the states and own a vacation villa in Barcelona, a home in Osaka, and am currently closing on a future dream home in Costa Rica since the US is soon to collapse under it’s own weight. (I made my money betting against government simply because the people and it’s rulers in this country repeat history of previous collapsed empires to such perfection that predicting it’s future is easier than saying Nostradamus!

    Now I’m off to Costa Rica where my partner, my wife, and I will open up a non-profit hospital for families that cannot afford to get the medical care they need. All this without a high school, or college diploma. Nor did I have it near as easy, or financially comforting as Sophie Turner when I was her age.

    Walking away from the schooling system in 1993 was the greatest move I ever made. It only teaches obedience, and nationalism, while it destroys divergent thought, and empathy. If everyone in America started teaching their own children or creating schools that let children be children while educating them on the real knowledge a child requires to make it in this world, I have no doubt that the ruling class in the US would be on the brink of having its greedy little fingers broken off, and the Kardashians would not be famous lol.

    Sorry for the Novella btw.

  • “Ugh, teenagers. They always think they know everything!”

    Really, that’s the most hypercritical thing I’ve ever heard someone say.