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Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Are Officially Divorced!

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The marriage was a 72-day sham that lasted long enough for the check to clear in the bank, but some idiots still want to convince us that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries‘ love was real and their divorce was an unexpected travesty – even though she didn’t even want to go on her honeymoon with him. Yeah, and I’m the queen of England. In any case, the pair came face to face in court today and someone’s told TMZ (or some TMZ intern has dreamed it up) that Kim was excited to see Kris because she still has a whole lot of love for him. Uh…

Sources very close to Kim tell TMZ … Kim is actually looking forward to seeing him.  She’s saying she does indeed still love him as a person, acknowledging, “We just didn’t work as a couple.”

We’re told Kim has actually reached out to Kris numerous times, but he never responded.

Kim is saying they have “unfinished business” and need to talk things out so they can truly move on.

This is probably complete and utter bullshit, but even if it’s true, I think it’s pretty clear it’s all one-sided and there’s definitely no love lost, from Kris’ perspective.

In any case, we can all celebrate now because the case is closed and they are now officially divorced!

Kim Kardashian is officially a single woman … because the judge dissolved her marriage to Kris Humphries in today’s court hearing … and we’ve learned Kris walked away with NOTHING.

Here’s what sources connected with the case tell TMZ:

— Kris gets NO money from Kim.  As we’ve reported … he had previously demanded $7 mil.

— Kris dropped his demand for an annulment based on fraud.

— Each party will pay their own attorney’s fees.

This is not just a settlement. It’s a WIN for Kim and her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser.

Sounds good to me, especially if it means we never have to hear about the two of them again. Good riddance!

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  • Correction. They were granted a divorce. The actual divorce will not be official until June 19.

  • I’ll always think he’s a dick because he was such a jerk on the show, off the show and throughout the divorce. I see him and snicker because he is such a joke!