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Hey Look, It’s Tobias Funke! Oh Wait, It’s Just Jamie Foxx In ‘Spider-Man 2’

I don’t think I’ve sat all the way through any of the Spider-Man movies, so I don’t really know the storyline or the characters or anything. My synopsis is that a bro gets some ooze on him and can then cast webs out of his wrists and he swings on his spider silk to save people. That’s about the size of it, right?

Spider-Man 2 is coming out soon, and Jamie Foxx is going to be playing the role of Electro, who, according to The Los Angeles Times, is “an electrician named Max Dillon who gains the ability to generate and control electricity after he’s struck by lightning while repairing a power line. He turns to a life of organized crime.” Alright, I can get down with that.

Here’s more of what they have to say about the character:

The photos, taken while the filmmakers were shooting in New York’s Times Square, show Foxx wearing creepy blue makeup and prosthetics, as well as an LED-lined hoodie, revealing an Electro that might not be familiar to some fans of the classic villain.

The character, who first appeared in 1964, is typically seen wearing a green suit and a yellow lightning bolt mask. But Foxx’s Electro appears to be more closely modeled on the Ultimate version of the villain. In the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comics and TV series, Electro has a different original story involving genetic experimentation and he’s often portrayed as bald, strong and glowing with blue electricity.

Sounds kewl. Spider-Man 2 is due out in May 2014 and will see the return of your favourites (or the stars from the last one, in any case), Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Plus, Shailene Woodley from that awful ABC Family show about teen pregnancy will be joining the cast and wrecking homes! Hurrah!

More pics of Jamie as Electro below!

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  • Ooze? You don’t really think that do you? He gets bitten by a radioactive spider, and you shouldn’t know that because it’s in the movies; you should know it because Spider-Man is ultra-famous and has been part of American pop culture and lore since the sixties. This is almost as bad as TMZ thinking Ringo is dead.

    • By the way, Spider-Man 2 is a film directed by Sam Raimi, and it came out a long time ago. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the film that will star Jamie Foxx as someone named Electro who bears little resemblance to the comic-book version of the character.