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Why God Why: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Are Living Apart

Ne’er was there a truer love than that which exists between Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. Through drug addiction, Ozzy biting the head off that bird,, that awful but insanely watchable MTV reality show, Sharon’s plastic surgery and God knows what else, they’ve managed to make it work. Until now, that is, as The Sun reports that they’ve been living apart and may even be headed for divorce court soon. Nooooo!

Rocker Ozzy, 64, has moved into a rented mansion. Sharon, 60, is in a hotel while her new home is renovated two miles away in Beverly Hills.

They have not seen each other for three weeks.

A source said: “They are living at different addresses and are not spending any time together. They row a lot.

“They aren’t acting like husband and wife. It is unusual to not even have dinner together when both of them are five minutes apart.”

“Sharon and Ozzy have had plenty of opportunities to meet up but haven’t spent any time together at all.”

Damn. First of all, Ozzy’s only 64? That blows my mindgrapes – didn’t know drugs could add 15 years on. Second of all, they’re going to see each other even less if reports of Sharon returning to The X Factor UK judging panel is correct – and it most likely is. Third of all… well, I don’t have a third of all. It’s just a shame. I’m not sure why, it just is.

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    • For what it’s worth, Ozzy has not been physically abusive since he cleaned up and got on anti-psychotic meds many years ago. In terms of drug abuse, he still had some ups and downs, most notably relapsing during the time the reality show was being filmed. His tremors and stuttering are from a genetic disease, Parkin Syndrome, not his drug abuse.

      • It was proven that the dr he had at that time was drastically over medicating him. If anyone thinks he’s abusive is believing what they want to believe. I had the pleasure to meet him years ago and he was the nicest person EVER

      • FUCK YEAH, LUKE. i went to Ronnie James Dio’s funeral; very special, dude. what an honor. i still can’t believe it… oh yeah, uh, Ozzy, go Ozzy! it’s true, they used to live horror stories together back in the day, but apparently they’re makin’ it work. other sites are saying he released a statement about falling off the wagon & is now 44 days sober. thanked his family & such. so i don’t believe the hype.

    • FUCK YOU, I bet you think you’re perfect too. Sharron has done TONS of cancer charity work. What do you do, sit on your worthless ass all day?

  • They’re both awesome. Frida Kahlo and her husband lived in separate homes and were crazy about each other.

  • its amazing how is violent tendencies seemed to be forgiven,overlooked not even mentioned in the article…if he was a young black male named chris brown(who is the most violent person ever)…….well we know how the comments, hell even the slant of the article it self, would lean.

    • Hmm, I think you have a point; it’s all about perspective but also about the amount of media coverage the ‘abuser’ gets. But lets not forget that a lot of people have never seen pictures of Sharon with bruises and cuts in her face or on her body while a huge amount of people have been exposed to Rihanna’s photo. I believe that seeing an image leaves a much bigger impact on people which in turn makes it easier for us to judge and hate on, in this case, Chris. So, taking that into consideration, I like to believe that people/we don’t judge Chris Brown for his skin-tone or his ethnicity but solely for the fact that Rihanna’s butchered face was all over the place; the same way we judge Rihanna for continuing their weird-ass relationship.

      • seems nice ….but….. charlie sheen shot 1 wife and held another at knife point and the scum of that week was tiger woods. there is a slant in the reporting of these stories …chris brown will always have that case attacthed to his name when he is mentioned (as he should) but no one else seems to get the scrutiny of tiger,chris etc etc

      • Okay, Charlie Sheen obviously has tons of problems, but again, get your facts straight. The woman Charlie shot was Kelly Preston, who was his fiancee. Both of them have gone on record as saying the gun accidentally went off and that Charlie was not trying to hurt her.

      • I’m not providing excuses; I’m providing facts. I don’t like Charlie Sheen or Chris Brown, and I said nothing about the knife incident. In general, I dislike it when people are careless with facts. It could be tiny facts or big facts. It could be facts about a good person, a bad person, or how many peas were left on someone’s plate. The rule should always be that if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t pretend that you do. You could have the best intentions and the most admirable views of anyone on the planet, but arguments from emotion do not further a point and only waste time. They also make whoever is making the argument sound irrational, which has the unfortunate side effect of discrediting the view expressed. If you want to know why Chris Brown is treated differently than Charlie Sheen, that too is based on the facts available. The gun incident has been portrayed by both parties involved as an accident, and the knife threat is something only reported verbally by Denise Richards. With Chris Brown we have very convincing photographic evidence and the acknowledgement of both people involved that Chris Brown was guilty of a horrendous assault. Let’s assume Charlie Sheen did threaten Denise Richards at knifepoint. If he did, that was a terrible and shameful thing, but it’s still just a threat, which most rational, logical people (and the law) regard as a lesser evil than actually assaulting someone.

  • John, come on. Everybody knows that Hollywood is all about who can fit the biggest amount of ass on their tongue. It’s a shady business and we’ll never know what exactly went or goes on in the lifes of these uber pretentious narcissists who will do anything to keep the spotlight on them, even if they have carefully created an image that screams the opposite. We’ll never what happened, who did/what and why. And in the cases of Sheen And Chris Brown I would like to point out that we’re dealing with a generation of fans and artist that have the braincapacity of a fruitfly’s fart; the majority of them somehow think that these actions of violence make these ‘cool’ and give an air of ‘not giving a fuck’.

  • Ehem.. Corrections:
    We’ll never *know* what happened
    Who did what
    Fans and *artists*
    make these *celebrities*
    Sorry , couldn’t leave it like that…