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Ryan Lochte Wants To Be Just Like Kim Kardashian

ryan lochte kim kardashian

As you probably already know, Ryan Lochte has a reality show coming on soon, and who better to look to as a beacon of success in that arena but Kim Kardashian, the veritable queen of unscripted-but-really-scripted TV? I know, I know – who in their right mind would want to have anything in common with the Kardashians (except maybe their money)? Alas, Ryan’s swimming prowess has canceled out his brain power and that’s exactly what he wants.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“Kim started from pretty much nothing, and now everyone everywhere knows who she is,” he says. “That’s what I want to do.”

As well known for his six-pack abs, “playa” reputation and oversize sneaker collection as he is for his three world records and 11 Olympic medals (including five golds), Lochte sees no reason why he can’t follow Kardashian’s trajectory. “I’ve seen what E! has done in the past with reality shows like hers,” he says admiringly of his network co-star, whom he has not yet met. “Today, she’s huge.”

Well… okay, but newsflash: training your whole life to become a world-class athlete who has won medals at the Olympics is a much bigger accomplishment than turning your life into a soap opera for any gadget with a record function in a 100 yard radius. I mean, I think so, anyway.

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? seems like the Jackass of the Generation Y set – stoners, apply within – and therefore it will probably be cringe-worthy and really hilarious. In other words, I’m in.

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  • He is soooo HOT !!! I would love to see more of him but I hope he doesn’t give up swimming because he is very talented and he should keep with the sport while he is still young :) he can do tv when he retires because he has a face and a body that people love to see !! Unlike Kim !! She has no talent and is a nasty whore !!

    • Oh man, I guess you have never seen an interview with him. He seriously is one of the dumbest people on Earth. He makes Kim Kardashian look like Stephen Hawking. There is nothing going on up there. I don’t know if it’s because he has a low IQ or because he was allowed to skip school so he could spend more time in the pool, but I kid you not. Look on YouTube. If he has a career in television, it will only be reality television and only so people can laugh at his shockingly stupid observations. JEAH!!

      • Word Mike…. The guy has always been an asshat… And he is, indeed, dumb as a fucking post. Just for grins, re-read Julias post…. You will then see why she likes Ryan! Am I right?

  • I said he was talented in swimming and had the face and body for tv ! I didn’t say the brains ! But it’s clear sex sells so he could do good ! I seen some of his interviews and I agree he acts like a dumbass but I just can’t stop staring at his gorgeous face and body :) as for you Chaz I really real sorry for you that your such an angry scumbag all the time ! Your life must be real shitty that you need to bash people for no reason to feel accepted and good about yourself ! My heart really breaks for you :( I would tell you to try and get a life but I can’t imagine you doing anything but sitting at a poker table being a nobody :( your family must be proud of you !

    • Well, that was… unnecessary. This is a gossip site. Gossip sites are fun because we get to make fun of celebs and talk crap about them. It’s a hobby or a job, not a way of life. And even if it was, it would be an entertaining one. So, kssssht! Kssshhhhhht! Shooo!

      • I love the gossip sites and I agree they are just for fun and I usually only comment on the subject but Chaz is a fucking idiot that has been nothing but rude, obnoxious and a bully to me for the last six months for no reason and I’m really sick of it !!

      • kshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • Please Julia, don’t feel sorry for me. I’m self employed, usually only work 7-8 months a year leaving me plenty of time to vacation to ski and play with the fam or friends. I coach 2 rugby teams, play on another, and attend all of my kids activities. Btw, my family’s very proud of me, even when I go to Vegas twice a year and play Texas Hold ‘Em. This summer I will go with the family to Scotland for a month, it’s a rough/sad life!
      Your posts are ignorant, as is your inane chatter about fertility treatments, hyper punctuation, and lack of spelling and grammar. Your post on the Biebs in Paris was classic. However, I did notice you were able to spell the name of the designer correctly, props for that! Tell the truth, someone in your family won Powerball & gave you a chunk, right?

      • The more you talk the more you look like a idiot ! I don’t know who you think you are to judge people and bully people for your own pleasure ! I do feel sorry for your friends if you have any and your family because I would never let someone like you coach my child’s team with your judgmental attitude ! You can’t have an adult conversation with adults I would hate to see what you say to kids ! Why are you so angry all the time ? Why do you feel the need to bash people over stupid things ? Your live must really suck to have such anger all the time ! I wonder what those kids parents would think if they saw how you bully people ! Your not a good role model for any child ! By the way I am lucky to be wealthy and retired and I’m only 42 ! So I guess it doesn’t matter if I can’t spell :) I am a good person and I give back and do a lot of volunteer work for several project that are close to my heart ! I don’t sit around being the grammar police so I can bash someone to make my self feel better because I’m a loser ! The only people that act the way you do is because their live sucks !!!!!!! Sorry for you !!!!!!

  • He’s a complete idiot and is further proof of the dumbing down of America. I wouldn’t waste 2 seconds of my life watching this fool outside of an Olympic event. Even then, the scent of douche made me root for other swimmers.

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  • Well if he needed a partner to get practice for his sex tape, Im in.
    But he did say one thing right about that skanky money grabbing media whore Kim Kow-dashian, – “Today, she’s huge.” lol